Most people have no idea how to survive without a fridge in a prolonged blackout. This is great advice to make these foods last almost forever.

> 1 ounce slaked lime to 1 quart water

If I may ask... for those of us unfamiliar with the measurement units, could you perhaps find a way to show what the proportions of slaked lime to water look like in real-life? I am sure many people would find it helpful.

To reduce water evaporation, you can pour some oil into the water. It will settle on top and reduce humidity in the air, useful in small spaces. (Also good to know: slaked lime kills off any mold, in case anyone is wondering. It's magical. It's also non-toxic and very safe. It is said to keep the eggs fresh for up to two years, but only if they are clean AND have not been washed with chemicals or scratched.)

Great advice, Greta! Thank you

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Jan 6, 2023Liked by Greta at Love Off Grid

I only recently came across the water glass method and can't believe I never knew of it in all the years of chicken keeping. We don't have chickens now but I can't wait to try it when we are inundated with duck eggs this spring!

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