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Hi Greta,

I hope this isn't intrusive. I originally wrote this message to you back in 2022 and the email bounced back. I'm the person who acquired "Thou Art That" from you back in 2020. Then my husband obtained another piece. Anyway, I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how grateful I am to have your art in my home and life. "Thou Art That" is one of the first things I see each day, and it brings me so much delight and comfort.

One of the things that moved me to write this is that I went online to see what's been inspiring you lately and I couldn't find your original websites. I am glad to have found your Substack. Again, this might be odd coming from a stranger, but as a writer I know firsthand how challenging the pandemic has been to creative people. So I just want to affirm your genius and insight. Every day I find something special about the way your work plays with light. It connects to the divine in a very special way and I wanted you to know that.

So I am glad that you are still creating -- for yourself, above all.

Best wishes to you.

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this fellow wrote a nice poem about fences, I connected him to you and now you to him ok. best


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This is a great post (badda bing badda boom). I have never had to make much of a fence this way,

your how to's are very real life, I appreciate you being candid about what you have learned.

Glad you managed to beat the cow clock; moo tick moo tick....best from Oregon

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