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Temp really dropped here in Portland OR last few days. Good to know you are sewing for the time being, I did alot of glass work in the day, I can relate about glass and temperature, cold hands no fun.

I really appreciate hearing about all your changes wrt coping for snow...I hope someday to return to a land of snow, Portland is so drippy and handles snow so badly. About sewing, bought an old (1914) Singer machine for a tent project, still tryng to get the tension right. Gonna try again, with less tension on some big thread for the tent. Missed home ec, was a bandie!! best

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Jacquelyn, it's fun to see someone else from OR. I'm near Coburg. Yes! The temp is changing and I'm looking forward to the indoor projects. Greta is amazing!!!

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Portland is very drippy and gray. I got used to it when I was there, but I've realized since moving how important the sunshine is to me, physically and emotionally.

Your tent project sounds fun. Good luck with that tricky tension!

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Made (ie making still) a tent for the top of my Volvo wagon...and then, wouldnt you know, the engine sploded, so now I try to save $$ for a new (old) Volvo Wagon...wish I could show you a pic but its about 4x8 ft, about 3 ft high, made of black hemp...(yes a cold weather tent)...sort of house shaped with a cedar box as a base, on those gutter rails that contractors use. Ah, a fun project, yet to camp in it....new car come spring, am hoping...

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