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Just because you shared your art, which I find hugely groovy, (!!!) here is some of mine. For years I did glass but the fumes got me down, (even with the equipment!) so I started up in free bottlecaps and some waterbase floor resin. It is much less durable, more fade-able, but I do enjoy it. It's a decent record of the work I have done here https://jacquelynsauriol.wixsite.com/bottlecaps

Best from OR

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Greta Greta Greta !

Oh lady, you made my heart so happy to read this.

You have honed in on your peace. Your sanctuary.

I am a semi retired preschool educator. ( Now turned tutor ) I can't tell you how many times I have seen children think that they can't do anything artistic .

Children are born on artistic. It's just when the world makes you feel like you can't do anything. You start being withdrawn.

I see it everyday.

You telling your story was like watching one of my art sessions with my little kiddos.

So yes, this resonated with me greatly. I loved reading it.

Art no matter what form it is is so important, especially in this world today.

I applaud your shoes! I applaud tattoos. I applaud pink hair and weird looking clothing.

Be true to yourself.

I started following both social media accounts from you.

Your artwork is beautiful. Keep doing art ♥️

Best to you.

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