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I agree, we tether ourselves to a pole and then wonder why we feel like an abused dog.

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Great analogy!

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We are also concerned. Starting to pull further back into our shell. Knowing that woke folks can even affect your retirement. Ever watch the TV program “Jericho”. Valuable lessons everywhere.

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Never seen that. We haven't had tv programming in several years. :-)

I know what you mean about retreating into your shell, but we've also met a few (very few) people of similar minds over the past few years. Had to let a lot of other people go though.

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Hello sisters Very Very Nice

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Merci pour toi je suis intéressé travailler sur le monde entier métiers du Grutier qualifié permis C certificat

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Bonne chance!

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Just one sister here. :-)

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" In my experience, Substack is full of folks who speak from the heart and aren’t afraid to think "

I disagree

and I expect Substack to go the SAME DIRECTION


( I already got banned for 24 hours off substack)


What you are touching on

What is more important

Free Speech



Seeking Information


Hurt Feelings

Getting called a Name

Losing access to ((( goverment))) and ((( corporation services)))


This is why Anyone rejecting the International narritive will need to de plug , de centralise and de couple from the ((( SYSTEM )))

Are you and others willing to do whats actually needed

Are you willing to stand on your princples

For exampe

Use SearX instead of ((( DDG ))), ((( Jewogle ))) , or ((( BING )))

Use Linux, Opensource software instead of 'free' corporate close source software

Use Delta Chat instead of ((( TELEGRAM)))

( Telegram CEO is on the board of WEF)))

Willing to use RSS, Email, Forums, websites and blogs

instead of fakebook

Willing to use

JoshwhoTV and Peertube

instead of

((( RUMBLE ))) , ((( ODYSEE ))) and ((( JEWTUBE )))


Are you and others willing to talk about

Race , Sex, Genetic Traits and Genetic patterns


Are you lot willing to stop using



Central Banks

Chain stores

and bring back CASH

support small business, small farms and local community


Are you lot willing to use and research

CB Radio

HAM Radio


Express LRS

As we cant rely on ((( CELL NETWORKS))) via ((( MOBILE PHONES)))





* Email - charliebrownau@protonmail.com

* Video - https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/charliebrownau

* Website - http://charliebrownau.com/

* Delta Chat - charliebrownau@joshwho.net

* Social - https://poa.st/@charliebrownau

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