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Awe my heart, you have so much wildlife!

I know that I have cougars, coyotes, bears and lynx but only ever see bears and deer.

I have a picture of a squirrel just before he decided to bite the motion sensor on my security camera!

Lovely heart swelly post - it makes me excited for spring.

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I love everything about this post, right down to the Mutual of Omaha. Same generation! I recall the show well. We have 10 animals at this point. Always room for more. What a shame about your childhood dog. That's criminal. As for Henry, well, Farley - same thing. But almost two months off her foot. Good news is she's fine now and - knock wood - has been ever since. Keep on writing.

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What a wonderful post! Sent here by a friend... Thank you! I soooo envy you. I want all that, too... xo

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