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Many years ago I planted potato crops with my grandfather every spring here on the farm where we now live. I've had an on-again, off-again relationship with planting potatoes. Tried container growing them last year and my conclusion was: never again. I have a lovely crop in the ground this year. A friend once asked me why I plant potatoes when I can get a 10# bag at the store for a couple bucks. That question has made me think about why I plant what I plant but I always come to the opposite conclusion - why would I buy it at the store when I have everything I need to grow it myself? I think there are two classes of people, those who like to do it themselves and those who don't. No judgment, just different. But the knowledge to do it yourself is priceless.

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Tubers for ever....

Even after he moved to St. Catherines town, opposite

Niagra Falls, my Grandpa orig. from Quebec had his 'back 40' of 'potats'.

The cat was called Mineau. Lawrent and May, they stuck it out to the

end, in the city, but never changed inside.

I am glad I caught the glimpse

I did of their resistance, their existance as moved to the city.

Grandpa was awesome to

be around, he always talked to his grandkids, his 'pets' he would

call us...for fun, He saw a face, once, in the knees of a

model in a Underwear advertisement...and pointed it

out to me. He broke though more than most

grownups ever did...imagination leading....best

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